Forage Harvesting

• Using modern, high output machinery
• Forage harvesting part or whole operation
• JCB 434s loading shovel
• Bailey and triffitt LGP trailers
• Grass, maize, direct cut whole crop and milling

Arable Services

• Ploughing 4+5 furrow, subsoiling, pressing
• Power Harrowing using 3x3meter amazone power harrows
• Cereal Drilling-combi drilling and front press
• Grass seed drilling with opico 6 meter harrow drill
• Maize 8 row precision disc drill+fertilizer application and microgranulatore.

Baling Big Square

• 1x New holland BB940 (80x90)
• Bale wrapping round and square
• Bale stacking

Muckspreading, Mucking Out & Leading

• Vertical beater spreaders & JCB loading shovel
• 12 tone LGP trailers & JCB loading shovels

Slurry Spreading

• 2500 gallon LGP tankers
• 2500 gallon LGP tankers with 6meter injector
• 3xUmbilical slurry systems with LGP tyres
• 12/18/20/21/24&28 meter tramline spreading with umbilical with LGP tyres
• 6meter veenhuis slurry injector with umbilical
• 24ft storth contractor slurry mixer for hire